Ceridian Payroll Login

Manage your payroll easily with Ceridian Payroll Login!

Ceridian is a provider of HR solutions that help clients focus on their core business, reduce costs and develop their organizational capacity by providing services in recruitment, remuneration, management, development and mobilization of personnel. Trusted partner of more than 90 000 US and Canadian companies, Ceridian provides a full range of HR solutions, whether services payroll (Ceridian Payroll Login), recruitment and staffing, or training and development as well as workforce management.

How to Use Ceridian Payroll Login

Service by phone, fax or computer

Needs to pay simple: The Ceridian payroll login service by internet – provided in partnership with US  Canada Trust – is convenient, inexpensive and simple:

  • Your designated team to call you each pay period to collect information on the payroll.
  • Payroll deductions and calculations are made.
  • Checks and / or direct deposit statements are prepared for you.

If your ceridian payroll needs are more complicated: please read the management information system services, human resources and payroll to Ceridian . It offers solutions cost-effective, powerful, allowing you to better manage your HR data and payroll.

  • Send your data through specialized software, running under Windows or DOS.
  • Ceridian Canada will produce your reports, your checks and / or direct deposits for you.

Tips for payroll

  • Your experienced team of support for small business can be contacted by a phone call when you need advice on legislation relating to payroll and other related topics.


  • The use of external payroll services Ceridian Canada can save you. You pay a basic charge per pay period for signing checks and a comprehensive set of reports and fees by check. Ceridian Canada also offers an option of direct deposit.

Employment records are prepared for you

  • Employment records can be created on the application payday or between paydays.

Support reliable year-end

  • Ceridian prepares T4s 1s and 2s T4A  at the end of the year or when required. The services include year-end summary reports for your support of payroll data which are prepared by payroll professionals.

Automatic Reconciliation and Remittances

  • Ceridian Canada will reconcile your payroll and send your remittances to the Receiver General for you – eliminating the risk of late payments and fees associated with it.

Confidential service

  • For security purposes, all matters relating to your payroll will be discussed with you or someone you have designated. To ensure complete confidentiality, your pay will be delivered in a sealed envelope.

Features simplified reporting

  • For ease of reference, the system offers a set of reports important information on the earnings of your employees, payroll deductions, contributions, cost of service and more.

Pay stubs within 24 hours following

  • Within 24 hours of receipt of your payroll information, Ceridian can have signed checks or pay stubs for distribution. Each employee receives an accurate record of the hours, earnings and deductions, including the year to date data.

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